Thank you for accepting this nomination. 

Euroknowledge is one of the leading consulting firm that acknowledges exemplary leaders, and dynamic personalities with record of creating and building great leadership impact, that has made far-reaching and positive contributions to the development of their respective country, sectors and industries. 

Kindly send us the following; 

  • Your CV
  • 5 minute Video and documentary
  • Written acceptance Letter
  • Your Picture

Kindly let us know if you are willing to take a page or two in the magazine or newspaper covering the event. We having the following media outlets covering the event and we are able to get media profiling and branding for you at discounted rate.

Invited media partners include mainstream media, FIN magazine, FT Newspaper, Channels TV UK, BEN TV, BBC, CNBC and others

We can also put you on your local media. 

Thank you again