Event Marketing and Promotions

Euro Knowledge has organised events of all sizes and has extensive experience and success in local and global marketing and promotions.

The communications plan for the event will have the following key objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the awards and the event itself
  • Position the event as the ideal platform for high level networking
  • Generate leads that convert into participation

The above can be achieved through the use of the following online and offline channels:

  • Euro Knowledge can provide suggestions for the website in the run up to the Website event
  • we could write appropriate copy for and send 2 Email marketing/newsletters to a selection of contacts from our database in the run up to the event


  • Our Past Promoted Events

We have worked, and continue to work on a number of high profile events across the globe, supporting the build awareness and profile within the international media.

Some of our recent event includes:

  • Agribusiness Forum 2010 New Delhi, India
  • Agribusiness Forum 2009 Tel Aviv, Isreal
  • International Business Conference. Dubai International Convention Centre, UAE
  • Fourth Business Roundtable with the Government of Nigeria 13-15 Jan. 2008 Abuja, Nigeria
  • International Business Women Conference – IBWC, 1-4, Nov. 2007 Washington DC, USA
  • Sino-Africa Petroleum Conference 1-4 Nov. 2006 Bejing, China
  • 2nd Annual African Petroleum, Energy & Mining Forum. 2-5 Apr. 2006 Bejing, China
  • African Petroleum, Energy & Mining Forum. 10-12 Apr. 2005 London, Uk
  • First International Business Women Conference. 2-4 Oct. 2005 London, Uk