Oil And Gas Procurement

Procurement no longer means finding goods and services at the cheapest price. Factors contributing to the increasingly complex nature of oil and gas procurement include rapid change in company goals, competing vendor comparisons, proper procurement training, proving financial value and realistically projecting equipment life span. Increasingly competitive markets and volatile oil prices have resulted in a tight market for suppliers. The oil and gas industry’s dependency on an extensive supply chain makes it inevitable for companies and organizations to focus on procurement as a strategic business function and a source of competitive advantage.

At Euro Knowledge our procurement service is designed to ensure a constant cost effective supply of critical materials in our clients operations. With vast experience of local and international procurement we are strategically placed supply to your operational requirements. We provide clients with global procurement resources, processes, systems, market knowledge, and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. We offer reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions, and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, industry-leading technologies, and goods and services.

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award is our highest recognition for individual achievement and is awarded annually. This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leaders that have made significant contribution and positive impact in their specific industry