House of Lords, London.
DATE: 24th Nov, 2023. Time:


1. Celebrating leaders and Philanthropists
2. Investment Roundtable
3. A platform to meet and engage with world leaders
4. Platform to learn from Industry stalwarts
5. One on one meetings with world leaders and Philanthropists

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Dr. Alex Itkins


Euroknowledge Leadership award celebrates outstanding achievements made in all sectors from Governance to Oil and Gas, Philanthropy, Entertainment, Health, Agriculture, Information technology, Aviation, Construction, Financial Institutions, Hospitality and in all other sectors. The award is given to deserving personalities and organizations that have made successes in all areas and are also committed to health & safety, environmental stewardship, excellence, good leadership and corporate social responsibility.

Previous awards have been held in Washington DC, USA, London United Kingdom, Beijing China, Paris France, Dubai UAE, etc

Register Expected Participants & Guests

  • World Leaders and Presidents
  • Top Philanthropists in the World
  • African Ministers of Humanitarian Affairs, safety and health Environment, Agriculture, hydrocarbons etc
  • Top NGOs from all over the globe
  • Captains of Industries, Business magnates and institutional investors
  • Top politicians with great leadership qualities and influence



The cultural dimension of Lusophony is also a factor of economic relevance. Lusophony corresponds to a cultural area full of possibilities, potentialities and solidarities that result from sharing the same language, Oceans as well as the miscegenation of memory and traditions whose challenge of articulating the capacity to dream, to believe and to get involved still has a long way to go but has everything to be a success in the creation of Sustainable Development and improvement of life conditions of all its populations. Culture is a source of value, particularly economic value, which will be fundamental for growth and job creation.

The development of the economic dimension of Lusophony is fundamental having as a global goal the reinforcement of solidarity and cooperation ties to jointly create better life conditions. Moreover, we must not lose sight of the fact that the “Lusophone Space” represents a desirable market of millions of consumers, as well as the entrance door to other markets and cultures.

The potential of the presence of Lusophone countries, with the ambition of reflecting a present economic dimension, is immense, from the spaces of regional integration that involve these countries and the gains that may be derived from this in different unions/spaces, such as some regional blocks in Africa and South America. Therefore, more than ever, it is fundamental to move from a simple historical cultural concept to an effective vector for the future.

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The Sea is an opportunity for Lusophone countries and is a great strategic resource, economic development through the protection of natural wealth, providing an opportunity for the fishing industry, maritime transport, naval industry, tourism, renewable energies, etc. The oceans have always been an important part of the exchange of cultures, people and goods between countries.

The maritime areas under the jurisdiction of each Lusophone Country are so vast that they represent a strategic factor determinant for its future, so it is urgent that we work together. Besides the seas there are several preferential areas of interest, such as: Agriculture, food products, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), construction, building materials, metalworking, machinery and equipment, renewable energies, new technologies, etc. In other words, Lusophony can and should be a business conductor, as it is an economic and geopolitical force. It is an ecosystem that shares a common language and a close culture with around 250 million consumers.


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We are an international strategic communications consultancy and a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading businesses, governments and financial institutions − often during critical stages in their development.
Delivering your vision is our priority. Once you have shared your specific objectives with our team, we will work together towards a shared goal,b delivering a successful event that exceeds your expectations.

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