Euro knowledge Philanthropy Leadership Lecture and Award Reception. 2020

The House of Lords, UK. DATE: OCTOBER 30, 2020

The event is to drive good governance, Humanitarian works and Leadership across the world by creating platforms for mentoring in order to create a stable and investment friendly continent.

The Award session will looked to celebrate and honor exemplary leaders, Philanthropist and dynamic personalities with record of creating and building great leadership impact that has made far-reaching and positive contributions to the development of their respective countries, sectors and industries.

Dr. Alex Itkins


Euroknowledge Leadership award celebrates outstanding achievements made in all sectors from Governance to Oil and Gas, Philanthropy, Entertainment, Health, Agriculture, Information technology, Aviation, Construction, Financial Institutions, Hospitality and in all other sectors. The award is given to deserving personalities and organizations that have made successes in all areas and are also committed to health & safety, environmental stewardship, excellence, good leadership and corporate social responsibility.

Previous awards have been held in Washington DC, USA, London United Kingdom, Beijing China, Paris France, Dubai UAE, etc

Register Expected Participants & Guests

  • World Leaders and Presidents
  • Top Philanthropists in the World
  • African Ministers of Humanitarian Affairs, safety and health Environment, Agriculture, hydrocarbons etc
  • Top NGOs from all over the globe
  • Captains of Industries, Business magnates and institutional investors
  • Top politicians with great leadership qualities and influence


Upcoming Event

February 2021

When climate change and the need to promote Sustainable Development are
more than ever discussed, it is important to look at the theme of using Renewable
Energies as well as Conventional Energies, and listening to different perspectives is
Renewable Energy is understood as energy which does not compromise future
generations since it is available in the nature and is capable of regeneration and is
therefore virtually inexhaustible and non-polluting. Examples of Renewable Energies
include Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass. Seas and Oceans, Hydrogen.
The Conventional Energies are available in the Nature, they are limited that is
to say they cannot be regenerated or reused in a time scale that will sustain their rate
of consumption. Its conversion to final forms of energy implies several environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. Examples of Conventional Energies: fossil fuels: oil, coal, schist and natural gas; nuclear energy: which needs uranium and thorium to be

The different stages of development of each continent can lead to approaches
and different perspectives, to which we want this Webinar to draw attention,
particularly that of the African continent that is currently moving towards its
industrialization as the main strategy to promote an inclusive economic transformation in the search for solutions that will promote Sustainable Development. Also in this area, Technology has the potential to be a powerful ally in the
pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions that will not compromise the necessary Development.


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We are an international strategic communications consultancy and a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading businesses, governments and financial institutions − often during critical stages in their development.
Delivering your vision is our priority. Once you have shared your specific objectives with our team, we will work together towards a shared goal,b delivering a successful event that exceeds your expectations.

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