Exploration and Production

Over the past 150 years, oil companies and prospectors have drilled more than two million wells around the world in hopes of striking oil.

Many of the early wells turned out to be dry. We use sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to find oil and gas under the earth’s surface. More recently, scientific techniques and new technologies have greatly improved the odds. Before we put drill to soil or the seabed, we use topographical maps, aerial photography, sound waves, 3D projections and other tools to help us form an educated guess about the size, shape and consistency of the oil or natural gas that lies underneath.

We offer independent, mission-critical expertise to the energy exploration and production, we provide technical support for a wide range of exploration activities, including laboratory and field services, for an extensive range of petroleum and natural gas solutions. We help our clients better understand oil and gas opportunities, and improve reservoir production and yield. We see to improving client reservoir discovery, production, fiscal allocation, crude oil assay valuation, and the extension of reservoir lifespan assets by using coordinated expertise, monitoring, testing, consulting and inspection services.

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award is our highest recognition for individual achievement and is awarded annually. This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leaders that have made significant contribution and positive impact in their specific industry