At Euro Knowledge, we have extensive experience in the fair market value appraisal of hydrocarbon properties. Our oil and gas appraisers have dealt with properties at all stages of development that ranges from undeveloped acreage to mature producing fields.

We provide assistance to the owners of Oil and Gas assets in order to help scope and appraise field development options. This service integrates the subsurface, engineering and commercial disciplines in order to provide clear recommendations for clients.

These recommendations are supported with analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with each appraisal and development option. Our multi- disciplinary team is able to analyze complex issues that arise in appraisals such as highest and best use, the evaluation of comparable sales, discounted cash flow, and regulatory influences. The result is a well-supported estimate of fair market value in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award

The Euro Knowledge Leadership Award is our highest recognition for individual achievement and is awarded annually. This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leaders that have made significant contribution and positive impact in their specific industry